Completing an Order with Your Business Account on the US Electrical Services Website

completing an order on business account

Completing an order with your business account is fast and simple. Once all items have been added to your cart, and you’re ready to place your order, you can click on Checkout Now. If you have multiple projects or locations, you can change the Ship to Account and Delivery Address by clicking on Address Book. The address lookup picture allows you to search for the ship to account if it’s not listed. Once you have found the address you are looking for, just click “Use this Address.” 

Next, you can select the shipping method and enter any shipping instructions you might have. You can input your purchase order and release number just below the shipping instructions. If a PO or Release Number is required in our system, it will be required in our checkout as well. PO and release numbers that are pre-populated in our system will also pre-populate in checkout, but can be overwritten.

The last step is to review and place your order. Business account customers can complete checkout by Pay on Account. Once everything looks good, just click Place Order and we’ll get to work ensuring your items are ready as soon as possible. Thanks again for joining us!

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