Siemens and Deerfield Beach’s Smart City Contract


Siemens has signed a 17-year contract with the Commission of Deerfield Beach to minimize its environmental footprint through energy performance services. It is expected to achieve $15M of energy and operational savings within the contract period.

Siemens will provide smart infrastructure solutions and cloud-based digital technologies, and use alternative energy sources to meet the energy-efficiency goals of Deerfield Beach. They will be working on about 20 facilities and the project will cost more than $9.2M to complete.

Deerfield Beach Mayor Bill Ganz said “There is no better way to prepare our city for the future, and the City of Deerfield Beach is proud to partner with an innovation giant like Siemens to bring our city into the 21st century. Not only will we see cost savings for our taxpayers, but we will also be one step closer to becoming the kind of sustainable city that others can point to as an example of excellence.”

Siemens will be replacing outdated HVAC systems and lighting systems. They will also build a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station to increase the use of alternative energy sources, resulting in reduced operating costs and lower carbon emissions. Lastly, photovoltaic panels are to be installed in all the 20 facilities to minimize the need for electricity coming from the grid and make use of solar energy instead.

Siemens will also install the integrated building management system Desigo CC. It uses sensors and analytics to collate data from each facility, and control and monitor everything remotely.

“This is a unique project in that we will digitally connect, monitor, and manage essential building disciplines in more than 20 buildings through one digital central system – as opposed to each building having its own such system,” said Scott Brady, Zone Vice President at Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA. “We are proud to work side by side with Deerfield Beach to help shape its sustainable future by leveraging the potential of our digital portfolio.”