USESI Unveils New Efficient Light Fixture Cart

light fixture cart

U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) unveiled a new method for moving lighting fixtures more efficiently than ever before. The new cart will help contractors do their installations faster. 

Carrying light fixtures more efficiently

The company showcased the proprietary light fixture carts earlier this month. These specially-developed carts will help transport different lighting fixtures to their installation site safely. Using these carts can cut down installation time significantly. 

Each cart has 20 compartments for both large and small fixtures. They can also be configured to carry several differently-sized components in one trip. 

The simple yet cutting-edge  design makes handling delicate fixtures more secure. With typical carrying carts, lighting fixtures are often stacked directly on top of each other, making them more prone to damage during transport. 

For added protection, each compartment has a vinyl barrier on the carrying racks. The barrier absorbs any impact that may happen in transport.  

When using the carts, fixtures are unboxed and inspected before delivery, allowing for damaged fixtures to be replaced before delivery. 

The new carts also make transporting light fixtures easy.  Each cart sits on top of two swiveling casters and two locking casters. With these, contractors can easily push them to the installation site. Their slim profile makes it easy to guide through doorways and corridors. For additional security, workers can lock the casters to prevent them from moving. 

Loading the carts has never been easier.  There are four lifting eye bolts that workers can loop pulleys to for hoisting cargo up to the top shelves. The cart itself has a capacity of 1,000 pounds, making it ideal for large lighting projects. For added convenience, there is a hanging file folder for holding paperwork. 

Demonstrating the cart

Our customers have utilized the new fixture carts during numerous lighting installation projects. In one such project, an electrical contractor was required to install 131 lighting fixtures on-site. USESI deployed 11 carts for the project which helped complete the installation within a single day. 

In another project, a customer was required to deliver and install 377 6”x4’ strip fixtures. He was able to fit 33 of these fixtures onto one cart.  The convenience of the new fixture carts made it possible for him to save as much as 20 minutes of installation time per fixture.  

In both of these projects, the customers were able to reduce the amount of trash at the job site significantly. Both contractors found they had  only one-third of the typical amount of on-site trash. The reduction in trash removal saved even more time and made post-installation cleanup much easier. 

Fixture carts are available for use by contractors who order lighting fixtures in bulk, and they are available for use with different industrial projects.