Eaton and Telensa Partnership for Smart Street Lighting and Smart City Solutions


Telensa, a London-based company that provides smart streetlight infrastructure, has partnered with Eaton Lighting to effectively deliver connected solutions for outdoor LED lighting and related smart city application.

“The outdoor lighting controls market is fragmented, with many vendors having a limited deployment footprint. We know the industry is looking for resilient turnkey solutions that are proven at scale and with the largest city and utility lighting networks, which is why we are excited to join forces with Eaton Lighting as smart LED street lighting enters the mainstream,” said Will Gibson, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Telensa. “By combining our companies’ proven leadership in LEDs and smart controls, we will accelerate the path to smart cities driven by streetlight infrastructure.”

The partnership aims to expand the implementation of integrated lighting, control, and smart city solutions to ensure that through their easy to deploy and scalable products, they can enhance urban living and ensure public safety.

“Cities and utilities are looking for simple, scalable solutions for smart LED street lighting that can grow into a full smart city infrastructure,” said Bob Smith, director of connected communities, Eaton Lighting. “Streetlights are an ideal location to deploy connected technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work with Telensa to make the vision of the smart city a reality.”

By creating smart outdoor lighting, the city government is assured that they can receive massive savings, improve service levels and deliver outstanding lighting adaptation and automation.

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