USESI’s Sales Training Program: Graduating High School Seniors Launch Their Career Journey

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US Electrical Services Inc. (USESI) is taking steps to ensure its mission of creating energy solutions stays alive until the next generations. USESI’s training program, S.T.E.P, engages senior high school students and young workers in technical learning sessions and worksite immersions. This year, the electrical company signed on 3 graduating senior students from Woodland High School and Wilcox Technical High School in Connecticut.

The S.T.E.P. goal is to equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the electrical services sector. The scope of the training program includes technical aspects of operations and management. Trainees are also mentored to imbibe USESI’s core values of employee fulfillment, excellence, integrity, and shared vision.

The good news is that USESI is constantly on the lookout for S.T.E.P. trainees. If you want details about the program, its benefits, and the requirements to qualify, then read on. You could be part of USESI’s training program this year.

What is S.T.E.P?

S.T.E.P. means Sales & Operations Training & Education Program. It is a comprehensive program that follows a STEP in or STEP up training curriculum:

  • Counter Sales
  • Inside Sales
  • Project Management
  • Outside Sales
  • Purchasing

Trainees of the program master skill sets, from basics like counter sales and customer service to advanced competencies like procurement, budgeting, and project management. Trainees step into a role and are trained and certified. The STEP program allows for employees to grow and advance by stepping up to another position with a scripted training approach.

What Makes USESI’s Training Program Different?

This is a totally different experience from other training methods. It is a highly structured course that encourages and involves hands-on and experiential learning:

  • Not just on-the-job training. The program requires a balance of onsite training and online-based learning to improve trainee skills acquisition and retention.
  • Fixed training period. The fixed curriculum and time-frame ensure that the preparation stage is maximized and trainees are groomed to perform competently in different roles after 22 months.
  • Continued development.  The program is constantly being updated based on comments and suggestions from the previous experiences, improving the results of each subsequent batch of trainees.
  • Constant Feedback.  USESI trainers constantly provide feedback to their students to eliminate learning gaps and strengthen areas that need improvement.

S.T.E.P. Wants to Meet You

Do you want to be part of USESI? The Sales & Operations Training & Education Program (S.T.E.P.) is the opportunity you are waiting for. USESI is generous in picking out their candidates. You don’t need any work experience under your belt. The company puts a premium on character and work ethics. The technical training is on them as long as you:

  1. Like to work with people
  2. Comfortable with change
  3. Are willing to put in the hard work
  4. Create solutions instead of excuses
  5. Like challenges and are tech-savvy
  6. Enjoy being rewarded for your commitment

Would You Pass This Up?

USESI’s training program, S.T.E.P.,  offers many benefits to students and workers who want to break into the electrical industry. The program is intensive, making trainees familiar and capable of performing in all areas of the business. Trainees are also placed in positions through the program. Overall, it can really help you step up your career in electrical services. Get in touch with your school’s career adviser or contact USESI to learn the next steps in the S.T.E.P. pre-hiring process.