USESI Develops Holistic Leadership with ALPS


At USESI, leadership goes beyond technical competence and management expertise. Our senior executives are more than just bosses and managers. They are the key decision-makers who have the foresight and strength of character to make the right choices to achieve the immediate goals and to set and strengthen the long-term direction of the company.

The Accelerated Leadership Preparation System (ALPS)

The company strives to remain a top industry contender in terms of quality of service and sustainable practices. We believe that this is possible by investing in the continued growth of our most valuable resources – our workforce. From the very start, we care about hiring people with leadership potential. We then train them in the best practices and principles to help them live out their leadership capacity in their service with USESI.

USESI’s  24-month Accelerated Leadership Preparation System (ALPS) is designed to mold our trainees in the leadership paradigms of the company. Within the duration of the program, we instill our values of excellence, integrity, shared vision, and employee fulfillment. We provide best-of-class instruction, constantly upgraded e-learning modules, and best practices distilled from years of outstanding performance in the industry.

With ALPS, we challenge our trainees to move past the typical “capable enough” mindset and learn to see the big picture, make calculated strategies, and prioritize the well-being of employees and other stakeholders. The goal of the training program is to produce not only managers and executives but exceptional leaders.

Developing Leaders: A Win-Win Sustainable Solution

For USESI, this is a win-win solution. As a large-scale electrical component distributor, USESI’s structure is unique. We are not a tall corporate hierarchy but a ground-level, learn-as-you-go organization that caters to a constantly shifting and innovating electrical industry. Our standardized training program helps our new employees to quickly adapt to our working environment and culture. The continued education supports their ability to perform and be productive as they move from one internal opportunity to another.

In turn, we are assured that our teams have the necessary knowledge and leadership to deliver the best possible service in their specialization while staying in accord with other departments. We have found this as a crucial trait for our company as we flex with the changing needs of our end-users. We innovate our products and services to provide solutions that are more sustainable. Our well-developed teams are crucial for maintaining our top position as supporters of more efficient electrical sources.  

The Accelerated Leadership Preparation System Curriculum

USESI provides a training program unmatched in the electrical industry. The holistic approach to leadership inspired the comprehensive 9-phase curriculum that the company administers for its future key players and decision-makers.

Phase 1: Counter Sales

Every USESI trainee’s career education starts with the most fundamental responsibility which is the properly handling counter sales. The counter is the company’s main point of contact with its customers. Impeccable customer service and product knowledge serve as the foundation of competence in any technical or leadership position.  

In this phase, trainees develop their skills on the following:

  • Safety & equipment operation
  • On-line Eclipse ERP training – USESI’s Distribution Software
  • On-line training on electrical theory and electrical products
  • On-line training on essential skills needed on the job
  • Knowledge of the products they sell
  • Customer interface
  • Sales ability
  • Computer skills

Phase 2: Central Distribution Centers / Warehouse

After mastering sales and customer service skills, trainees should learn the effective operations management of central distribution hubs or warehouses. Smoothly functioning CDC operations are satisfying customers with accurate and high-quality solutions delivery.

At this stage, trainees learn the following competencies:

  • Safety and equipment operation
  • Shipping/receiving
  • Picking
  • Freight claims
  • Warehouse processes
  • Product background
  • Inventory control
  • Returns
  • Cycle counts

Phase 3: Inside Sales

In this phase, trainees are guided to advance their sales and customer relation skills. Instead of mere product knowledge, the module enhances soft skills on negotiations and relationship building, both essential traits for higher level roles in the organization.

The focus of this learning period center on:

  • Phone sales techniques
  • Job requirements development
  • Joint calls with outside salespeople
  • Quotations
  • Pricing

Phase 4: Branch Audit

Trainees are also exposed to key insights in successfully leading a profitable and sustainable branch. One of the important aspects of branch operations is effective audit executions to ensure processes and financial flow are in accordance with the company’s guidelines and standards. In this stage, the trainees gain an overview of the audit procedure under the guidance of seasoned auditors.

Phase 5: Project Management

This module prepares trainees to independently oversee USESI projects, ranging from basic tasks such as schedule management and presentations, to heavier responsibilities such as budgeting and achieving the required results.

Trainees get hands-on experience in these 3 key areas of learning:

  • Project management
  • Power distribution
  • Commercial lighting

Phase 6: Purchasing

At this level, the module aims to develop both technical and decision-making skills related to appropriate purchases and optimal inventory levels. Experienced buyers guide the trainees on practical applications of the following key areas:

  • Purchasing metrics
  • Inventory levels
  • Supplier relations
  • Sourcing stock/non-stock material
  • Analyze suppliers based on price, quality, service, support, dependability, availability and best value

Phase 7: Headquarters

USESI’s overall success hinges in part on the efficient and reliable support of its accountants, operations leaders, and customer relation experts in the company headquarters. This phase gives new entrants a glimpse of the action happening as back office staff perform their tasks to help the company run its national operations effectively.  

Trainees also gain insight into important aspects of administrative support:

  • Credit
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Transportation management
  • CDC Management
  • Pricing & product file management
  • Shared services group

Phase 8: Outside Sales

In this phase, a sales professional guides leadership trainees through the ins-and-outs of effective sales methods. This includes principles and practices on building customer and vendor relationships, generating sales, negotiation and serving customers.

On top of the knowledge from previous modules, trainees are expected to master the following sales skills:

  • Time management
  • Territory management
  • Developing relationships with customers and vendors
  • Setting sales objectives
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Evaluating sales performance
  • Communications and presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Customer service

Phase 9: Finishing School

The last module tackles the top-level skills necessary for leading a business to success. These skills build on top of all the previously acquired skills, coupled with analysis, foresight, and informed decision-making.

By this stage, trainees should be ready to execute the following skills with confidence and competence:

  • Market strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Competitive strategy
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Customer service
  • Understanding branch metrics and branch reports
  • Stock replenishment
  • Counter merchandising

Going the Extra Mile

Compared to the usual manager training program, USESI’s leadership preparation system goes beyond in terms of material, time, and financial costs. However, the company understands the importance of investing in its future leaders, who will, in time, drive the growth of the company and safeguard the interest of all its stakeholders. USESI’s goal with ALPS is to transform its professionals from promising talents to confident and capable leaders at the end of the 2-year exhaustive training.