USESI Program: Compassion Fund

usesi compassion fund

USESI recognizes the contribution of our employees to our company’s continued success. Our mission statement and cultural values highlight our corporate commitment to “creating a great place to work, actively looking to support our team members, and providing our employees the opportunity to make a difference.” The Compassion Fund was launched to bring those core values to life.

Fostering A Culture of Compassion

The Compassion Fund is our corporate initiative to assist our coworkers who are going through an unexpected crisis or dire financial situations.

Our immediate aim is to provide financial assistance to individual employees who have difficulty obtaining finances during times of calamity, sicknesses, accidents, and other emergencies. The fund gives us the capacity to help our own without requesting outside assistance.

More importantly, the bigger goal of the Compassion Fund is to foster a culture of mutual care and empathy within our community. While nobody is required to give a certain amount, our employees willingly donate according to their capacity. They are aware that they may be needing assistance in the future, but they also see it as an opportunity to make a difference in the life of their colleagues.

We believe that cultivating this outlook creates a positive impact in the workplace and launches the company to greater heights in the long haul.

For our Employees, From our Employees

Compassion fund comes solely from voluntary contributions. We welcome donations from our vendors and customers who want to express their appreciation for our service. Our employees, who are our target beneficiaries, are also eager contributors to the funds.  

The Compassion Fund Board members are USESI employees themselves. They handle the approval for assistance requests and decide the grand amounts for release. Transparency is embedded in their decision making processes to ensure that 100% of the donations go to the employees who truly need it.

Certain conditions also need to apply before any amount from the Compassion Fund is mobilized:

  • A grantee must be an eligible employee
  • Temporary or uncontrollable event/crisis
  • No other sources or means of obtaining funds

Crisis in the Compassion Fund context includes the following:

  • Ailments
  • Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, home fire or flood,
  • Death of an employee or their immediate family members
  • Other situations that require immediate help.

Going Beyond Financial Help

Managing the funds gives our employees a venue for exercising excellence, integrity, and shared vision. It also allows them to share in our responsibility to our customers and vendors. This creates in them a sense of ownership in the service that we provide our partners and clients. At the same time, USESI keeps the workforce happy and satisfied knowing that we are taking concrete steps to secure their safety and well-being.