Prepared Wiring Solutions for Electrical Service Businesses

wiring solutions

Wiring preparations for electrical installations take almost as much time as the installation itself. Without a doubt, the prep works cost electrical service providers more manhours and material costs. But it costs even more during maintenance when proper standards and steps are skipped during the installation. Fortunately, there are efficient wiring solutions that could take away much effort and costs from electrical installations without sacrificing quality.

Wire Identification

In the US, there are certain rules regarding the use of colors for specific wires. Green wires are most distinctive because they are universally used for protective ground wires. Neutral Wires have to be white or silver within the country, although the color codes for it vary from country to country. The US defacto standard for three-phase system conductors are brown, orange, and yellow for systems with 277/480 volts, but black, red, and blue for 120-208 volts. High-leg conductors or bastard leg systems are also required to have orange insulators.

Getting all the colors right in a system makes circuit control and inventory regulation fast and accurate. U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. (USESI) has a 12-color selection of True Color Wires. The color-coded wiring solution will ensure every line is easily identifiable during installation and maintenance.

Wire Labeling

While color coding is essential, colors alone cannot provide all the pertinent information electricians need while working on circuits. Stamps or labels are also important for providing the following details:

  • Voltage
  • Purpose
  • Model information
  • Safety information

Heat shrink markers and digitized label printers are most suitable for proper labeling of wires. When the labeling task involves only a few wires that require unique labels for each one, heat shrink markers like Brady M21-375-C-342 Permasleeve that are durable, flame retardant, and fade resistant are the convenient and affordable choice.

For jobs that require dozens and even hundreds of wiring labels, you can save time and avoid crucial errors by using portable label printers like the Lenox Tools 1756589 Hard Case Kit Label Printer. You can easily customize and edit labels in preparation for a job or right at the site while in the middle of an installation task.

Wire Installation

Wire preparation prior to an installation job is a simple strategy that effectively increases your team’ productivity.  A prefabrication facility like USESI’s can undertake the preparatory cutting, twisting, and stripping of wires and conduits to your specification. USESI’s 15-square foot fabrication floor in Massachusetts can customize electrical wires and cables to your specification. Having your wiring delivered to the site ready-to-install can skyrocket your team’s efficiency on site. You can even have your wires shipped the very next day for low-demand projects.

Wire Packaging

The last phase of wiring preparations is just as important as the other steps. Otherwise, any length of wiring in disarray will leave the installation process tedious and time-consuming. USESI’s steel reels are designed to provide consistent sizing, secure transportation, and safer handling on-site. The steel reels are complemented by a wide array of pulling eyes for quick and precise installation jobs.

Invest in the Right Tools and Wiring Solutions

There is no shortcut to a job well-done. In the electrical industry, the quality of the work shows very conspicuously over time. Wiring installations, in particular, involve future efficiency and safety of users so it is a must to get things right from the very beginning. Have the right tools and tap the right service for the wiring solutions that you need. It will cost you less than possible mitigating measures will.