Rola-Case and USESI Team Up Providing Quality Work Vehicle Storage Options

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USESI strives to give its customers the very best in products and services for electrical distributors.

The electrical components marketplace now exceeds $90 billion and we’re building on that each year. In keeping with our desire to give customers the best products on the market today, we recently began carrying the full line of Rola-Case Rola-Shelf products. We’ve had such great feedback on these products, so we’d like to share a little more about these phenomenal products.

Rola-Case began in Australia in 1982 and they are a leading supplier of truck storage and van shelving products. Their products fit well within our industry because they manufacture all types of storage solutions for electrical contractors. Of course, their products are also very popular with plumbers, locksmiths and HVAC contractors. Anyone who drives and works out of a van or truck each day understands the need to organize tools, parts and equipment. Your service calls will simply be easier to complete and you’ll spend less time on each one when you can readily lay your hands on exactly the right tool or part.

You can count on USESI to continually offer all the products and services that electricians need to perform their jobs each day. We love our clients and customers and many have been doing business with USESI for years. We believe in focusing on providing the best product lines, friendly service and affordable prices. These principles are fully in line with the mission statement for Rola-Case shelving solutions.

Rola-Case and Rola-Shelf manufacture a full line of durable hard plastic and metal cases with dividers to make the chore of organizing parts easy. Along with that, they offer trolley cabinetssliding platforms, and van wall paneling and flooring. They have put together professional industry-specific kits for electricians that can greatly simplify the whole process. Their website also has an interesting blog called, “Open A Box” that addresses many of the issues that plumbers and electricians face. There are numerous how-to articles on getting your work van or truck fully organized so your day can go much smoother.

If you’d like to learn more about Rola-Case and Rola-Shelf, please visit their page on our website. We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions about their products.