Pick Up Your Order Faster at Our Branch

Today, we will show you how you can spend less time waiting in branches. With usesi.com, you can order anytime, even after branch hours, and have most orders ready for pick-up early the next day. If your order is placed during business hours, it could be ready once you arrive at the branch.

Select the branch you want the order delivered to at the top right corner of the page. To pick up an order at another branch, click on the Change Branch button and select another branch. When you search for products, the products available now at your branch will appear. To see additional products, click on the gray tab. If you have SKU numbers of many different products, save time with the Quick Order feature. To order the same products again, view your catalog and click on the product to add to your cart. Then, click on the pick up button to check out.

Thanks for joining us. We will be back in touch shortly with another set of tips.

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