VerifEye Submetering System: The Upgrade Your Need


Smart metering is smart management, which leads to real savings. That is what Leviton aims to achieve for their clients with the VerifEye Submetering system. This new energy monitoring and submetering solution promises a lot of perks, but does it stand up to its potential in actual use?

How Does VerifEye Submetering System Stack Up?

Let’s look at this new solution by Leviton based on its delivery of the five essential elements for effective submeter monitoring and billing process.

Comprehensive Reporting

Business owners and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) managers often struggle with accuracy in manual meter readings and estimates, both of which are prone to errors. Very first on the VerifEye benefits checklist is getting rid of the unreliable manual billing process.

Leviton’s HD Pulse Module allows third-party electrical, water, and gas systems to be incorporated into the VerifEye collection database.

The Energy Monitoring Hub and BMO 3.0 Module Software then integrate the information into a singular report. Managers can charge tenants or cost centers for the actual usage of all their energy sources.

This automated process reduces inefficiencies due to miscalculations, redundancies, and unsynced databases.

Energy Efficiency

Leviton apparently developed VerifEye for energy systems of the future.

The system’s components follow the most advanced sustainable energy standards like LEED.

The BMO 3.0 software also generates real-time or periodic consumption and demand charts. With visual presentations, it is easier to enhance user awareness and sense of responsibility towards minimizing the building’s environmental footprint.

Maintenance Accessibility

Being able to track the usage within the system within any preferred interval also helps maintenance personnel detect irregular patterns and signs of technical issues.

Problems in the system can be detected and mitigated early, securing the long-term functionality of the system.

The submeters are also designed for easy installation and management, but the overall accessibility of the system’s hardware is also affected by the facility’s layout.

Energy Code Compliance

States usually have legislation requiring particular submetering functionalities in commercial applications. It is important to have a system that passes the energy regulations in your area.

This review cannot determine whether VerifEye is compliant to your local energy code. You will have to inquire from your own energy authority to be sure.

This isn’t much of a big concern, though, because Leviton designed the safety and quality standards around stringent building standards like LEED, ASHRAE 90, and California Title 24.


It’s perhaps the least important aspect from the technical perspective, but people are also concerned about how applications affect the look of their home or facilities.

VerifEye uses unique wiring harnesses, compact electrical closets, and color-coded transformers. These components minimize the electrical clutter in the building while also minimizing labor and material costs.


  • Comprehensive and accurate energy report available real-time or periodic
  • Minimizes labor and material cost for installation and upkeep
  • Compliant to LEED, California Title 24, and ASHRAE 90.
  • Reduces electrical hardware clutter in the building


  • Requires training on BMO 3.0 and other VerifEye software

Upgrade to the Sustainable Submetering Solution

If you are an MDU manager, corporate manager, or business owner who has been relying on manual or disintegrated systems for your energy charges, you know the stress and excessive financial costs of these inconsistent methods.

The VerifEye Submetering System by Leviton can help you ditch those old methods and manage your buildings with efficient, accurate, and cost-effective processes. The upgrade will make your building more sustainable environmentally and economically.