How Prefabrication Facilities Improve Your Business

prefabrication facilities

Some preparatory construction and customization, like pipe bending and strut cutting, are necessary to perform electrical installations and maintenance. Without any doubt, these additional tasks cost time and money.  

The challenge is to find the most cost-effective way to minimize the resources expended for these add-ons.

Seasoned electrical companies usually turn to prefabrication facilities to customize electrical components to their specifications.

Prefabrication Facilities are Better at these Jobs

Prefabrication facilities are dedicated to the assembly of components that are traditionally built or prepared on job sites. Some prefabrication factories have modest spaces and specialized equipment that process your orders for specific types of components. Other service providers like United States Electrical Service, Inc. (USESI) have massive work floors and storages designed to accommodate any type of prefabrication jobs that you might need to upgrade the quality and efficiency of your projects.

Electrical companies end up with real time and cost savings by outsourcing these preparatory tasks to prefabrication facilities:

  • Pipe Bending
  • Steel Framing
  • Metal-Clad and Flex Whips
  • Strut Cutting and Assembly
  • Pipe Threading and Cutting
  • Customized Component Fabrication

Why Use a Prefabrication Facility

Advances in recent decades turned prefabrication into a more accessible and reliable option for large and starter businesses alike. If you haven’t arranged for a prefabrication company to specialize in your custom components, you are missing out on these enormous benefits.

1. Cost-Effective Use of Space

Customizing pipes, struts, and other components require a large amount of space. You can easily Build a massive workshop in your own business space or rent one for your exclusive use. Considering, you won’t be using all the space and equipment at all times, you will only end up with expensive idle assets.

Prefabrication facilities give you better value for your investment since you only have to pay for work and storage space that is used for the actual fabrication of your items. You don’t have to shoulder the initial outlay or upkeep expenses of those facilities.

2. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Prefabrication facilities also have the capacity and inclination to invest in the most advanced machinery that is not essential or strategic for your business as an electrical company. USESI’s prefabrication facilities include CAD-equipped offices and more than 1,000 square meters of controlled and structured fabrication floors.

3. Upgrade Build Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Aside from the dedicated space, specialized machines and software,  prefabrication facilities also have experienced technicians and specialists to handle each task with the right precautions and standards. Warehouses are also available to secure your finished components until you need them in the work site. All these add up to better quality and faster turnaround for your projects.

Your Shortcut for Growing Your Business

Turning to prefabrication facilities is an excellent strategy to speed up your company’s growth within the electrical industry. It gives you better use of capital by cutting away traditional operating costs without cutting corners on the quality of your service and final output. Less cost means wider profit margins and more available resources that you can channel towards improvements and expansion.