SDG&E to use mPrest AI Enhanced Tool


mPrest has recently delivered an AI enhanced tool to San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). The URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization application is an AI-enhanced tool that foresees imminent cable failures. The data-driven approach will also allow the SDG&E to optimize URD cable fleet maintenance operations. The AI will be presented at the upcoming DistribuTECH 2019 conference.

“We were looking for a way to bring greater predictability to our URD cable fleet performance,” said Jade Thiemsuwan, team lead and engineer at SDG&E. “Working with mPrest’s data analytics-based product, we are able to leverage myriad data across our systems to gain valuable insight into the condition of our URD cables. This has resulted in optimized maintenance budget planning and more cost-effective operations.  We are now able to replace the most likely cable segments to fail, in a proactive manner, thus reducing replacement costs significantly, while reducing the number of unplanned outages. This translates into better quality of service for our customers – our main goal.”

The mPrest’s new and innovative URD Cable Fleet Maintenance Optimization application can help SDF&E to immediately execute the necessary repairs and upgrades to ensure that the lifespan of the cables is extended. It can also help them plan the necessary list of cable segments to be replaced given a specified budget. They implement intelligent predictive maintenance, reducing the amount of money that has to be spent due to reactive cable replacement.

“Data-driven digital transformation is changing the way utilities do business, with analytics and AI tools driving innovation across the industry,” said Ron Halpern, chief commercial officer, mPrest. “Using our big data analytics-based application, SDG&E can now gain visibility into URD cable survivability and optimize maintenance/ replacement planning, resulting in major savings and improving their level of service to consumers.”