NEC Article 555 for Marinas

nec article 555 marinas

The Article 555, also known as “Article 555 — Marinas, Boatyards, and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities”, covers the wiring and equipment installations in marinas, dockyard, boat houses, yacht clubs, and more, that are associated with one-, two- or multi-family dwellings. It ensures that the water, people and electricity are separated from each other. This will prevent life-threatening electrical shocks that could potentially be heightened when electricity and water meet.

Article 555.2 discusses the importance of having an electrical datum plane that is high enough that when the water rises, it won’t go beyond, keeping everyone safe from harm.

Article 555.3 states the importance of the ground-fault protection not exceeding 30mA in overcurrent protective devices supplying the covered marina areas.

There should also be enough signage, as specified in Article 555.24, to inform the residents and tourists about the potential dangers and electrical hazard risks. The signage should be clearly visible from all approaches, and durable enough to withstand damages caused by typhoons and earthquakes. Additionally, the signs shall state “WARNING — POTENTIAL SHOCK HAZARD — ELECTRICAL CURRENTS MAY BE PRESENT IN THE WATER.”

Where caution, warning, or danger signs or labels are required by this Code, the labels shall meet the following requirements: (1) The marking shall warn of the hazards using effective words, colors, symbols, or any combination thereof. Informational Note: ANSI Z535.4-2011, Product Safety Signs and Labels, provides guidelines for suitable font sizes, words, colors, symbols, and location requirements for labels.

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