Room Lighting Tips and Ideas

room lighting tips

The lighting in a room can be more than just a practical way to help you see when there is not enough natural light available. It also adds to the mood, atmosphere and overall look of the home. Here are some important room lighting tips for your home, and product recommendations that you can use to make these looks possible.

Room Lighting Tips for the Various Rooms of the House

room lighting tipsLiving Rooms/Family Rooms: In these rooms, it is a good idea to add ambient lighting which will give the sense of overall brightness from natural light. The idea is to avoid light that will create shadows. To achieve, try to set lighting that bounces off the ceiling. This can be done by integrating cove or valance lighting into the room’s architecture or using an entertainment unit that doesn’t go up to the ceiling and adding a piece of millwork where you can add a linear fluorescent. Another way to achieve this is by using soffit, valance, recessed or track lighting that is directed towards the walls. Accent lighting can also be used in living rooms to highlight a certain object or piece of art.

Kitchens: In the kitchen, it is necessary to have light, especially where food is being prepared. Room lighting tips dictate that there should be a combination of task and ambient lighting for counters and sinks. There is usually a natural light source by the sink, but this can be complemented with a ceiling mounted or recessed light fixture. Undercabinet lights are also useful in illuminating counter worktop surfaces without relying on overhead lights. A basic lighting plan for a smaller kitchen can include a central ceiling mounted fixture as well as undercabinet fixtures, pendant lighting over an island and task lighting over the sink. In a larger kitchen, cove lighting may be incorporated to provide ambient light.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are another room where it is necessary to have a lot of light, However, too many lighting fixtures can cause shadows. To avoid this, and provide great lighting, it is recommended to have fixtures installed on either side of a mirror. Older bathrooms often have a central overhead lighting fixture, but more modern room lighting tips call for replacing those lights with three wall sconces, two on either side of the mirror and one on an opposing wall.

room lighting tipsOutdoors: Outdoor lighting can serve many purposes including safety, security and pure aesthetics. It is best to place lighting in threes, with one located close to the house, one at a midway point, and one further away. This will create interesting focal points while minimizing reflection on glass surfaces. It is best to avoid adding to much light in outdoor areas, as this will also create dark areas that may be unsafe. Front doors stand as an exception, as brighter lighting is acceptable here, preferably in the form of two wall mounted lights which flank the door. One final room lighting tip, go for quality when choosing an outdoor light. The upfront cost will be absorbed in a longer lasting product.

Dining Rooms: In a dining room, the table will always be the focal point. It is best to provide fixtures directly above the table that provide ambient and task lighting. Dimmers are also recommended as these will offer flexibility in atmospheric lighting while you are entertaining. If there are French doors in the dining room, it is recommended to install a light that will focus guests’ attention on an object outside the doors. This will minimize glass reflections. If the room is decorated in dark colors, you may need a more powerful light. An ideal dining room lighting plan features a chandelier above the table as well as a pair of wall scones, all on a dimmer setting.

Bedrooms: Lighting in a bedroom should provide a relaxing atmosphere but also allow enough illumination for bedtime reading. Wall mounted fixtures can be ideal for reading light. Ambient light can be provided by floor lamps, architectural lighting and sconces. Avoid using harsh overhead lights and consider the color of the room when planning your lighting as dark colored walls will reflect less. An ideal lighting scheme might solely include floor and table lamps and perhaps wall sconces as well.

Home Offices: Lighting is essential in this room as many functions, including working at the computer, reading and writing, require adequate lighting. Be sure that lighting is not creating a glare on the computer and that task lighting, which may sit on a desk, does not  create shadows. If you position a chair next to a window, you can use natural light to read during the day. Some designers prefer indirect lighting in offices with room lighting tips that call for cove lighting, wall sconces or a floor lamp that directs light upwards.

Entryways, Hallways and Stairs: Most of these areas call for only ambient lighting, unless there is a focal point, like artwork, that needs to be illuminated with accent lighting. Small entryways may require only a ceiling mounted or recessed fixture, or a wall sconce. A larger entry with a staircase may require a chandelier with lighting controls at the top and bottom of the stairs. Ambient lighting can be provided by recessed fixtures, ceiling mounted fixture or wall sconces. If you are using a hallway as an art gallery, it may be best to call in a professional to aid with the lighting. He or she will be able to position the lights so they best highlight the artwork and also avoid having the light cause damage to the artwork.

Lighting Equipment: How to Achieve That Look

Now that you are familiar with room lighting tips that might help you improve the look of your home, you need to find quality products that will help you achieve your decorating goals. USESI is a great source for electrical products including home lighting. They are electrical distributors with both online electrical supplies and brick and mortar locations. Here are some of their recommended products:

Cooper Lighting
Cooper Lighting available at

Cooper Lighting FM-LED-8-WH-830-PR Ceiling/Wallmount FM Series LED Lighting Fixture 8 Watt 120 Volt 80 CRI 3000K 577 Lumens Metalux: These lights are available in white and feature die formed steel housing. They accommodate one 8-watt 80 CRI 3000K LED lamp which offers 577 Lumens of light output. It has a voltage rating of 120 Volts. It has an average life span of 35,000 hours. It has a round LED flush mount which can be mounted on walls or ceilings. It measures 8 Inch Dia x 2 ¾ inch. It is suitable for offices, corridors, stairways, bedrooms, closets at foyers. It’s LED flush mount is UL/cUL listed.

Floursup ECO3012-WL Direct Wire Undercabinet Light Fixture 12 Inch Length White Slimline: This light features a white finish and has a color temperature rating of 3000K and a color rendering index of 80 which ensures optimal light levels in its surroundings. The lamp offers 200 lumens of bright light and has hinges for mounting. It has an average life span of 50,000 hours.

Halo TLS408SNBB 4 Inch LED Down Light Black Baffle Trim Square Satin Nickel Ring Solite: This light features a durable die cast aluminum construction. It can accommodate an LED lamp. It trim provides high quality, high-lumens output. It comes with a black, precision formed aluminum baffle and satin nickel ring. It measures 5 1/64 x 1 11/16 inch.

juno lighting
Juno Lighting available at

Juno Lighting 447C-WH Low Voltage 4 Inch 447 Series Adjustable Down Light Cone Reflector Trim Round Clear Alzak White: This light accommodates a 50/75 watt MR16 lamp that has a voltage rating of 12 Volts. It measures 3 3/8 inch Aperature x 5 inch OD. It is ideal for wet locations. Its downlight reflector trim in UL listed.

Halo 3013WH 3 Inch Adjustable Gimbal Ring Trim Square White: This light is white and features die-cast aluminum construction. It accommodates a 50 watt MR16 lamp that has a voltage rating of 12 volts. Its trim comes with a front loading snap in lamp access faceplate. It features a die cast trim ring with die cast gimbal and has an outer diameter of 4 ¼ inches.

Halo H457RICAT1E Non-IC Air Tight 4 Inch LED Down Light Recessed Housing 120 Volt Round: This light features a single wall formed aluminum construction. Its round housing accommodates a 13 watt LED lamp with a voltage rating of 120 volts. It is non-insulated air tight ceiling mountable with a cut out of size 4 ¼ inches. The housing is suitable for use with TL4 and TLS4 trims. It measures 14 ¾ inch x 5 inch x 5 ½ inch. Its housing is cULus listed.

Now that you know some great room lighting tips, as well as quality products to use to get the look you want, you should be all set. Whatever remodeling or new construction project you are embarking on, you are guaranteed to get long lasting and great looking results. You will be amazed to see what you are able to do with these great ideas and supplies.