Electrical Wholesalers Now Offers Rola-Case Van & Truck Storage Products

prepare for everything rolacase

Have you been thinking about getting your work van or truck better organized? The experts say that you can save valuable time and frustration each day when your work van or truck is fully organized. That’s why we now offer Rola-Case van racking and storage solutions at Electrical Wholesalers. 

After talking to so many professionals in this industry, we know the importance of having the right tools and equipment and having it where you can lay your hands on it without much sweat. That’s the secret to getting everything done in your work day, while minimizing every day stress.

Rola-Case Van Shelving and Racking Solutions

Rola-Case drawers, cabinets and Rola-Shelf accessories make it easy for you to fully organize your vehicle. They offer trade-specific kits or you can pick and choose a wide range of durable products to provide you with exactly the right van storage and truck shelving options. Their products include flooring kits, vehicle storage cabinets, trolley cabinets, first aid kits, gas cabinets, sliding platforms, and many others. Rola-Case has everything you need to get your work done in a smooth, efficient manner.

Electrical Wholesalers cares about its customers and we have consistently provided the products and services that electrical contractors need for many years. We deliver on product consistency with an eye toward continually expanding our services to include the latest technology in your field. We also know a good thing when we see it and we know you’ll agree that Rola-Case is in a class of its own.

Rola-Case – A Superior Quality Product

Now you can get all the Rola-Case products you need at Electrical Wholesalers, your preferred supplier of professional products to customers in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. We know the value of being well organized and Rola-Case has just the right storage products for all your circuit breakers, switches, fuses, pipe and other hardware. You can choose a kit designed specifically for electrical contractors or you can pick up a few items here and there to make your work day easier.

Rola-Case has everything – van flooring, to bulkhead partitions. We offer a wide range of trolley cabinets and van shelving and racking. They also offer shelving kits for specific trucks and vans, such as the Ford Transit Van or the Mercedes Sprinter.

The EW commitment is all about fulfilling customer needs with speed and accuracy. Our experience-driven customer service philosophy fully aligns with that of Rola-Case and that’s why we know they will be an excellent partner that you’ll come to rely on for top quality products to keep your “office on wheels” running smoothly and efficiently.

Friendly Service

If you need help designing your new van shelving or truck storage, Rola-Case Product Specialists have excellent industry knowledge because they’ve been in the business since 1982 helping trade professionals. These products were first developed in Australia and quickly became an industry leader. Now Rola-Case is spreading to the USA and Electrical Wholesalers is your one-stop shop for all their products.