Best Fire Prevention Tools

fire prevention tools

Every year, there are thousands of fire related deaths and injuries, so having fire prevention tools on hand is very important. There are several types of fire prevention tools you can purchase to keep your home and office safe. Firestop products are designed to stop fire from spreading through floors and walls. Let’s take a look at some of these products and see how they can be effective for you.

Fire Prevention Tools – Fire Rated Caulks, Sealants and Putties:

fire prevention tools sealant caulksProperly installed fire caulking can keep a fire from becoming disastrous. They are used to seal joints, gaps and seams for your firestop devices. They help create an airtight, watertight, fireproof environment.

Sealants are used in assembles and joints to prevent fire, smoke, dust and gases from coming through firestop barriers. It works by filling gaps in substrates. It then forms a barrier with the substrate and takes on its own firestopping properties. These firestopping properties will last for the indicated lifetime of the sealant.

Fire rated putty is a moldable material like clay or dough. It can work to pad electrical outlet boxes or improve fire rated construction. It produces an endothermic reaction when exposed to high heat.

Caulks sealants and putties all last for varying amount of times when activated, work best on numerous materials and have different temperature barriers that they can withstand. Read labels and descriptions carefully to see which fire rated caulks sealants or putties might work best for you.

Firestop Pillows, Sheets and Wraps:

These fire prevention tools are ideal for filling open spaces around cables, in walls, floors, ceilings and pipe pass throughs. They decrease the amount of fire, smoke and harmful gas that can seep in the property.

Products may vary in which applications they may work best for and what areas they should be used in. Some may require putty or caulk to hold them in position while others might have the ability to be held in place by themselves.

Firestop Sheets can be cut to fit different sized spaces where fire prevention is needed. Many are easy to alter and can work best with different sized openings. The number of hours that they can provide fire protection for differs depending on their quality.

Firestop Wraps can be ideal where space and access are limited. They can also be cut to fit different spaces. Many offer fast installation because of its flexibility and ease of alteration.

Firestop Devices and Accessories:

commercial and residential fire prevention toolsA firestop Sleeve Kit is a preventive tool that helps control the spread of flames, smoke and gas from traveling along data, communications, electrical or Ethernet communications cables or pipes. They work by wrapping around these cables and may require putty for installation.

A Fire Barrier Cast in Device is great for metal pipes and other metallic penetrants. It eliminates the need to drill firestop holes into concrete. These can also endure fire for varying amounts of time.

Steel Shell Fire Rated Pathways can serve to prevent fire and smoke from leaking into other areas through piping. It can be moved easily and can withstand different temperatures as indicated.

Fire Alarm Bells:

Fire Bells work in conjunction with installed fire panels and detection devices. They can be heavy duty and suitable for outdoor use.

Keep your Property Safe from Fire Accidents

All of these fire prevention tools can be great choices and have the ability to be incorporated into the construction of a building. If you are looking to making your structure safe from fire, it is a good idea to take a close look at these tools to see which ones will work best for you.  It is great to know that these can be effective in keeping yourself, your family and your workers safe.