SMUD Shares Massive CO2 Emission Goals to Support California’s Vision for Sustainable Energy

sustainable energy

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) leads California’s energy and utility industries in realizing the state’s greenhouse-gas reduction and sustainable energy agenda.

Currently, California has one of the most zealous goals for mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable resource use. Governor Jerry Brown envisions the state’s energy consumption to be completely carbon-free by 2045. SMUD aspires to be a major contributor to this lofty goal and has already taken measures towards this end.

SMUD’s Bold Steps for 60% GH Emission Reduction in 2030

The utility provider’s strategy is a sustained incremental decrease in CO2 emission of their power plants over the course of 30 years. SMUD aims to drop its greenhouse figures 20% below its 1990 rate in 2020,  60% in 2030, and at least 90% in 2050. ds

SMUD’s 2019 Integrated Resource Plan, which it submitted to the California Energy Commission, outlines the company’s strategy towards a total shift to sustainable energy.

Investments in Renewable Energy

SMUD is channeling major chunks of its resources to advance their technologies for solar adoption, smart grid and storage, energy efficiency, and other green energy alternatives.

The aim is a 50% increase in the amount of energy generated from renewable sources come 2030.

As a community-based non-profit entity, SMUD is primarily concerned with developing energy resources that common households can afford. Its board of directors emphasize the company’s inclusive and holistic approach to renewable resources – affordable, reliable, and sustainable.

Updating Building Energy Standards

The energy authority also understands the crucial role of retail and corporate consumers in realizing the 2045 goals for California. To promote efficient consumption among users, SMUD developed an incentive program for energy efficient households, buildings, and businesses.

With this campaign, consumers, both commercial and retail, could get between 50 to 3000USD rebates for switching to appliances, pool, heating, and water systems that are approved for their energy efficiency.

Electrification of Transportation

SMUD also holds no doubt about electric cars being the choice and mainstream transportation of the future. Along with the development of a more sustainable energy grid, the electric company is also working out its services for the transportation sector.

Electrified bus lines will have an avenue for requesting grant support. SMUD also committed to provide new electric vehicle owners with 2-year free off-peak charging, a more expansive fleet of hybrid and battery-run EVS, and fewer miles between fast-charging states.

Carbon Sequestration and Climate Pollutant Reduction

Successful CO2 reduction requires reduction of future greenhouse emissions and elimination of carbon dioxide that already exist in our atmosphere.

SMUD is looking into research and innovative solutions for evaluating and executing natural and artificial carbon sequestration in the Sacramento and California territory.

The initiative will also attempt to find sustainable alternatives to replace refrigerants based on hydrofluorocarbon.

These pollutants are challenging to mitigate but SMUD is positive that it can be done through its partnerships with the state and other progressive organizations in the private sector.

SMUD Shows The Way To Sustainable Energy

The challenge of climate change and long-term sustainability looms over every energy provider and state government. An early adopter to renewable resources, SMUD is indeed helping usher the age of sustainable energy. If you are in the local governments, a business owner, utility provider, or even an average citizen and energy user, SMUD’s plans and commitments can help guide you to more sustainable practices. If you can apply any of the steps and principles in your home and business, you can also contribute and thrive in the age of green energy.