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USESI has always been a leading innovator when it comes to advancements in technology, so we adapted to the generation’s new level of learning, where we introduced a new and advanced way for any current employee to learn and prepare for their jobs. You may encounter many challenges when trying to learn all the processes our company offers, but we have provided the right tool to help: an online course curriculum.

As passionate believers of education, we always seek to introduce new and easier ways to provide training that is both effective and can prepare you for a truly excellent career in the company. It can help you in your present position, or as you progress to the top.

All online courses and curricula are designed to be high-quality, informative, and effective. Most importantly, it can be completed on- or off-site. Not only that, it also guarantees absolute mastery in any of the programs and specialties you choose.

Some classes are based on your designated career paths, while some are for specifically mastering the products from the manufacturer, ERP system, management, or processes.

Each curriculum takes about 25 to 50 hours to finish, depending on the position and the individual taking it. Learn at the speed you want, because you do not adjust to online courses; the online courses adjust to you.

Available Programs and Specialties Offered:

  1. Warehouse Curriculum is a 30+ hour online course divided into two phases that focuses mostly on understanding electrical distributor operations, electricity, and electrical products.
  2. Counter Sales Curriculum is a 45-hour online course divided into three phases that focuses mostly on an introduction to sales, the counter sales process, electricity fundamentals, and electrical products.
  3. Inside Sales Curriculum is a 45-hour online course divided into three phases that focuses on the role of the inside sales person in terms of selling products and services, processing and managing sales orders, building customer relationships and managing available resources.
  4. Outside Sales Curriculum is a 39-hour online course divided into three phases that focuses on the role of the outside sales person in terms of selling products and services and managing customer accounts and available resources.
  5. Branch Manager Trainee Curriculum is a 47-hour online course divided into three phases that focuses on understanding electrical distributor operations and the fundamentals of electricity and electrical products.

All curricula include subject areas such as customer service, communications, sales, ethics, finance, leadership, electricity fundamentals, electrical products, and personal development.

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