The Significance of Electrical Metering Services

electrical metering services

Electrical metering services can help save residences and businesses money and time when it comes to implementing an energy management plan. This can be done by providing energy management solutions, smart meter/AMI implementations, field metering services, meter testing, call center operations and contract meter reading. Read on to find out more about what an electrical metering service can do for you.

What Electrical Metering Services Offer

Here is a more in-depth view of some of the services offered by an electrical metering company:

Contract Meter Reading: A qualified electrical metering service can provide regular visits to make sure your meter reads accurately and that your business stays on schedule and within the budget.

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Smart Meter Implementations: These are electronic devices that record the consumption of electric energy at set intervals throughout the day. It communicates the information to the utility companies for monitoring and billing.

Energy Management Solutions: A good electrical metering service will help you implement an energy management program that’s suited to your needs. They provide programmable control thermostats (PCT), in-home displays (IHD) and HVAC units. There are also follow-ups and technical support as part of the device maintenance.

Field Metering Services: In addition to increasing the efficiency of your electrical use at home, an electrical metering service will also provide field duties typical of most electrical companies. These can include:

  • Disconnect and Reconnects
  • Meter Maintenance
  • Load Management Programs
  • Customer Notifications
  • Meter Changes
  • Field Meter Retrofits
  • Pay Per Read Solutions
  • An electrical metering service will also have a support center to help you with the scheduling of these services.

Call Center Operations: It will ensure 24/7 access to service in the case of an emergency. It will also deal with billing matters, scheduling, and technical support.

Energy Systems

Commercial properties looking for energy efficient solutions should also turn to an electrical metering service for full energy systems. These include:

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District Energy Systems: These use a central energy plant to provide heating, cooling, and water to a group of buildings. This is a centralized and eco-friendly way of distributing heating and cooling throughout a building, neighborhood or community.

GeoExchange Energy Systems: These transfer heat rather than create it. They produce less carbon dioxide emissions than traditional systems and are extremely energy efficient.

Hybrid Energy Systems: These combine multiple energy sources to provide one utility or use one energy source to provide more than one utility. They provide reliability and optimal performance during peak load time and can offer solutions to problems caused by constraints of available energy sources, location, infrastructure or system requirements.

In today’s world, there is an emphasis on being energy efficient and electrical metering services can help to this end. If you are interested in implementing a system in your home or office that can save natural resources and money, you might consider reaching out to an electrical metering company that serves your area. Good luck reaching your goals with energy conservation!