Identifying Common Electrical Problems at Home

Common Electrical Problems

Every electrical installation, whether at home or workplace, is bound to experience common electrical problems every now and then. The majority of these problems have noticeable symptoms and are easily identifiable by non-technical users. Others are complex and require qualified electricians.

All electrical issues should be fixed as soon as possible before they become severe and can cause fires or accidents. While the consumer can see the symptoms, it is advisable to isolate the problem. Accomplish this by either turning off the faulty equipment or circuit and then hiring a qualified electrician. The consumer should never try to repair electrical problems unless qualified to do so.

Common electrical problems and remedies

Common electrical problems at home include flickering lights, circuit breakers that trip too often, burning bulbs, burnt switches and plugs and more. Overloaded circuits are very common in both homes and offices. Users try to hook up more devices and appliances to a particular circuit than it can handle and this results in an overload.

Faulty electrical outlets

Many different types of faults exist associated with electrical outlets either on the wall or on extension cords. Therefore, test them individually.

Loose connections and worn out contacts

A loose live or neutral connection or a broken conductor will make the outlet function intermittently or not at all. Similarly, an outlet becomes unreliable if its switch is faulty, or the connections and contacts inside the socket are loose or worn out due to arcing or mechanical failure. Overloading the sockets causes them to heat up and wear out the contacts.

Open circuit breakers and fuses will also lead to dead outlets. Loose connections elsewhere such as at the panel or other location outside the outlet lead to non-functional outlets.

Loose electrical receptacles

Worn out or physically broken electrical outlets become loose and can no longer hold the plugs tightly. This may lead to plugs falling out of the socket and increased arcing and tripping. Worn out contacts may arc, which is likely to ignite fires in certain environments.

Ask a qualified electrician to check and replace worn out outlets while tightening all loose connections. If need be, add more outlets to cope with the increased number of appliances. This might also give you an opportunity to install more modern outlets. AFCIs and GFCIs contain inbuilt protection against arcing and ground faults respectively.

How to get help for your common electrical problems

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